Must-Have Gps And Navigation Devices

GPS and Navigation devices are known to offer help in the most critical times. These situations could be from being caught up in a dire circumstance to knowing the location of the place you desire to travel to. Listed below are some must-have GPS and navigation devices that you can use when traveling to some remote locations.

  • Garmin Drive USA GPS Navigator
    This is a five-inch GPS and navigation device that comes preloaded with maps of 49 states in the country. This is relatively easy to use and has a dual orientation display. The GPS and navigation is enabled with driver alert for sharp curves, speed changes, and school zones. This feature enables the driver to move on safely in areas that have certain restrictions from the safety point of view. This GPS and navigation device has a battery life of up to an hour and comes with a microSD card slot.
  • Magellan Roadmate GPS
    This is another GPS and navigation device that you can use to wade your way through unknown terrain in the country. This GPS and navigation device is available for about $64 on Walmart and can be shipped to your location. This GPS and navigation unit comes with free lifetime map updates and has a touchscreen display for better connectivity. The GPS accuracy in this device is 3-5 meters and it has a USB 2.0 port and expandable memory option that can be accomplished with help of a microSD card. It also has the best parking landmark guidance and speed limit warning which alerts the driver in case they are over speeding. You can order this GPS device online and get it home delivered within 3-5 business working days in any city or town in the US. This device comes with extended warranty and in case of any issue; the same can be exchanged or returned.
  • Garmin DriveLuxe 5” GPS
    This GPS and navigation device is available for about $212 on Walmart and comes with a significant amount of saving. It is an elegantly designed GPS that has pinch to zoom display and has smart notification for calls, text, and other added app-alert features. It also offers the facility of voice-activated navigation, which can prove to be a critical feature in case you have been caught up in heavy traffic and cannot navigate the GPS and navigation device manually. This GPS device is preloaded with thousands of maps of important locations in the country, and you will always reach your destination without any help from outside source when this GPS and navigation device is at work.
  • Garmin GPS for Trucks
    This GPS and navigation device is of particular use for heavy-duty vehicles and retails for about $379. It comes with a 7” touchscreen display and comes with specialized truck routing support. The Garmin GPS is enabled with an advanced trip planner detours that could be taken and places that need to be avoided. This is of particular significance for an avid trucker since they often move through uncharted territory in which little or no outside support for guidance is available. In such cases, a feature which tells the trucker the road to be taken and the path to be avoided could be the best possible feature. Active lane guidance feature also allows navigating interchanges and ensures that the truckers have a comfortable journey, whichever state they might be moving through. The GPS and navigation device also comes with speed limit indicator, Bluetooth connectivity, microSD card expansion slot and built-in lithium ion battery that ends up to two hours at a stretch.

These GPS and navigation devices form an important part of every driver’s life as they make commuting through unknown areas easy. These also act as a safety gadget as the person behind the when will not need to take help from strangers while asking the path. The GPS and navigation device will always accomplish the task for them effortlessly and with utmost accuracy.

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