5 flip phones from the past, we all loved

Flip phones are adorable to look at and fun to use. They have been with us for a couple of decades, and we still love them. Here are flip phones from the past that were quite popular:

  • Motorola StarTAC: The Motorola StarTAC was one of the first-ever flip phones. With its bold yet simplistic design, this device stirred a revolution in the mobile phone market. During the good old times, this phone was considered one of the smallest mobile phones available. The phone was initially priced at USD 1,000, and it sported an antenna at the top.
  • T-Mobile SideKick: The SideKick attracted everyone due to its unique design and look. It had a large swivel screen and a horizontal keyboard for ease of typing. Bored with the vertical design, many opted for this phone. Its instant messaging and web browsing capabilities made it a quick hit, as these functions were unheard of at that time.
  • LG Chocolate: The amazing name and candy-bar shape made this phone a favorite among tweens. The phone came in a variety of colors, which the company called “flavors.” The phone had a smart iPod-like design. It also had a built-in music player. Its look and design were the major factors behind the success of the phone.
  • Blackberry 9760: This Blackberry model was nice to hold and easy to use. It had a huge external display that could be controlled using the side keys. The phone had a QWERTY keyboard. It had a 5MP camera that enabled the user to click beautiful pictures. The phone also allowed memory expansion up to 32GB with a microSD card.
  • Motorola Razr V3: The high popularity of this phone still keeps it alive in buyers’ lists. Its slim design and cool looks made the phone an immediate success. From lovely pink to stunning gray, the phone was available in a variety of colors. The phone soon became one of the biggest selling clamshell phones in the world. It was mainly favored by the youth.

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